City Hall Southwark – The Interiors for Nine Eyes in Spectre

City Hall exteriors

Address: City Hall 110 The Queen’s Walk London, SE1

Set Up:

Best described in Wiki:

“In 2015, City Hall acted as location [called the CNS Building] for the fictional HQ of the Joint Intelligence Service in the James Bond film Spectre. The building appeared taller, and in a different Thames-side location in the movie through the use of Computer-generated imagery.”

The exteriors of the CNS Building, (Centre for National Security) was CGI’d into the film.

sculpture outside City Hall cycling animals

Access Denied

I thought it was a real shame City Hall closed and going by the lack of activity happening in or around the building, will be for a while. I found an article on the BBC saying the glass exterior will be removed and balconies will be put in place.

I’ve emailed the local council for an update regarding developments. I will update this article in due course.

The Evening Standard also reported on the renovations back in November 2023,

[…] the ground floor will include spaces for new cafes, shop and restaurants. He confirmed that there are no current plans to convert any of the building into housing, but office spaces are proposed.

These photos were taken by me on the 11th March 2024.

Mi6.HQ also reported on this location at the time of filmed.

The City Hall is home to Greater London Authority and the Mayor. Previously permission was sought for SPECTRE to shoot in the Welsh Senedd but were denied.

Closest Bond Location: On the other side of the river and the other side of Tower Bridge, you can see the HMS President where Daniel Craig was announced as Bond.

Closest Pint: (TBC)

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