Regents Park – The Deleted Scene in the Skyfall Trailer

Regents Park Skyfall

Set Up:

In the teaser trailer for Skyfall, Bond can be seen in training running through Regents Park. It’s notable that the BT Tower can be seen in the background peaking between the canopy of the trees that line either side of the Broad Walk.

I think there must have been some renovation work done to the paths in recent years because the BT Tower is not visible from that pathway.

Enter David Leigh

I discussed this with David Leigh of the James Bond Dossier over Instagram and we came to the same conclusion that renovations must have taken place.

regents park map

DAVID: Hey Pete, there are 2 things in that photo that should help geolocate that spot – BT Tower and the arched windows that appear below it.  That puts the location here:

You can’t see BT Tower from this street view but it is in exactly the right direction if you zoom out. And the windows seem to match the buildings in Park Crescent. Also note the metal post at the park entrance. The bins have changed in the 2022 street view and there are no benches.

But if you look at the 2017 street view (on the other path) you’ll see the same bins as in the Skyfall photo. Maybe the benches are seasonal? The path looks wider in the photo you shared but I think it’s because the camera appears to be close to the ground.

regents park
Avenue Gardens facing South but no BT Tower in the background

ME: I understand that must be the place if the street view is facing, but I think the wider path is noticeably wider even if the camera is closer to the ground. To me it’s either they digitally put the windows and the BT tower in, or they have renovated that part of the park.

DAVID: Both of those thoughts crossed my mind too. TBH I think the most likely explanation is that the area has been renovated but I wasn’t able to find a satellite photo from 2012 to confirm.


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Regents Parks mentioned in the James Bond novels:

Live and Let Die (Chapter 2)

Bond’s eyes narrowed as he gazed into the murk of Regent’s Park […]

Moonraker (Chapter 1)

looking out at the late spring green of the trees in Regents Park.

For Your Eyes Only

Bond reflects on one of the most beautiful noises of summer, that of the mowers coming up from Regent’s Park through the open office of M’s window.

OHMSS (Chapter 8)

Bond sits at his desk, looking out over the triste winter twilight of Regent’s Park under snow.

Other Bond film references

Bond claims to be in search of a Great White Shark for the Regent’s Park Zoo in Licence to Kill.


Zulfi from Tie Another Day, David Leigh from The James Bond Dossier, and Gary Giblin’s James Bond’s London.

Closest Bond Location: Madame Tussauds on Baker Street

Closest Pint: The Globe, directly opposite Madame Tussauds

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