Spectre – Bond Gets Kidnapped Near Blackfriars

Spectre London Location Blackfriars
The entrance of Castle Baynard Tunnel where Bond gets kidnapped

Address: Castle Baynard Street, EC4Y 0DR

Set up:

When M is done telling Bond that it’s good to have him back at the Hildebrand Safe House, they get in an XJ Jaguar (check that on Google later) to arrest C, or Max, or Careless. But they get ambushed by Blofeld’s henchmen and Bond gets bungled into the back of a 4×4 (Google check) whilst M makes a sharp exit down a tunnel, emerging up by some steps opposite the Faraday House.

How far from Blackfriars?

The tunnel itself is a 5 minute walk from Blackfriars station, if you hit St Pauls Cathedral you’ve gone too far. Turn around and bring your hand to your ear in one swift motion and say out loud ‘copy five minutes to rendezvous point’. To any onlookers it looks incredibly sexy.

The tunnel itself is not much to look at. Indeed it’s now occupied by a homeless community and I didn’t fancy walking down it alone and you shouldn’t either. If that makes me elitist then sorry.

Spectre James Bond location Me near some stairs
Where M emerges 128 Victoria Street

When M escapes he comes up by 128 Victoria Street. The underpass also has people living under it. Overall, it’s really only a location to chalk off if you’re passing. Nothing too glamourous to see here.

That said when I was there, I dropped by the Church of Scientology just for shits and giggles. It’s on the opposite side of the street as you walk down to Blackfriars station and open to the public.

They were very accommodating and whatever you might think of their practices, it’s definitely an interesting way to kill time when waiting for a train, escaping the rain, or hiding from a homeless person that’s chased you all the way from Castle Baynard Tunnel.

Scientology books Blackfriars
Scientology books Blackfriars

Closest Bond Location: College of Arms, On Her Majesties Secret Service.

Closest Pint: The Blackfriar, opposite Blackfriars Station. Looks like the flat iron building. In the name of research I ordered half a London Pride for £3.75. The pub is haunted apparently. There was a tour group gathered outside, but I couldn’t get in close enough to hear any juicy storage.

The Blackfriar pub
The Blackfriar pub

History of the Blackfriar
The Blackfriar History that you can find on the leaflets inside the pub

Inside the Blackfriar Pub
Inside the Blackfriar Pub

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  1. Mark Waldman

    Terrific stuff, sir. Love the info, photos, the trip to the world of Scientology (run!) and the haunted pub. Keep up the great work. You’re keeping the dream alive while Barb and Michael slumber.

    1. London_Admin

      Thanks Mark, it’s a great little corner of London for Bond fans. Plenty to do if you’re a Bond nut, or just a nut in general. 🙂

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