HMS President Announcing Daniel Craig as James Bond

Address: 72 St Katharine’s Way, London E1W 1UQ

Set Up:

It was here on 14 October 2005, that Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond. Here being on the deck of London’s Royal Navy ship HMS President.

The ship was not there at the time and date this photo was taken 11/03/24 and I was also not granted access to the outdoor terrace itself.

‘But I’m a huge James Bond fan please let me in!’ I pleaded over the intercom with security.

‘That’s a negative,’ came the irritated reply. ‘Move along, just down the road you can get to the river.’

So I walked further down the road heading away from Tower Bridge. I found an empty public space with benches and a metal railing so got the photo.

Daniel Craig at HMS President

Contacting the HMS President

I’ve emailed the Royal Navy and asked if there is any open days or possible access to James Bond fans. Will keep you posted on that one and update here accordingly.

I once interviewed photographer and journalist Mark Mawston about being there on the day it was announced. The links to that interview can be found below.

“Everyone was really excited. Craig was bombing up the Thames on his speedboat. The whole press are wondering, who is it going to be. Who will be the new Bond?

And this girl from EON said, ‘well everyone knows it’s Daniel Craig. and that ruined the moment. We’ve been waiting a year, I thought wow, how to spoil things. bit of a shame.” – Mark Mawston.

Daniel Craig new James Bond
Daniel Craig on the way to the press conference

HMS President entrance
Entrance to the HMS President Building

HMS President gate

Closest Bond Location: Over the road you can see the City Hall building (Nine Eyes) where the interiors for C and M having their meeting was filmed. It’s currently under refurbishment.

Closest Pint: (TBC)

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