Kim Sherwood Launches A Spy Like Me at Dukes Hotel

A Spy Like Me by Kim Sherwood

Kim Sherwood A Spy Like Me Launch Party

On Saturday 27th April 2024 Kim Sherwood launched her second James Bond novel, A Spy Like Me at the James Suite in Dukes Hotel.

Kim Sherwood talks about the book in the Press Release:

In my second Double O book, A Spy Like Me, a bomb detonates in London. This is the starter pistol for what becomes a race across the globe and against time. To steal the punchy tagline: Six days. Three agents. One chance to find James Bond. A crucial plot element concerns a Breguet montre à tract, otherwise known as a ‘blind man’s watch’ and the agents in my story follow it into the heart of a terrorist plot that could not only cripple the Western world but potentially spell the ruin of the Double O section.

Images by me

All these grainy images were taken by me at the event. Don’t nick em alright? With thanks to the 007GB Fan Club for the invitation.

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Kim Sherwood book launch

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Big takeaway

Kim mentioned in the Q&A that the 3rd book in the trilogy is now in the can.

Phil Dewhurst President of the 007GB Fan Club:

PB: Are you excited?

PD: “Oh, super excited. I mean, to be involved with Ian Fleming Publications and Kim Sherwood to launch the second in a three series book, I think is something quite special. And to have people at the book launch, members that don’t normally get to come to a book launch, I think it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I think it’s something that the industry will trend to now.”

This interview was featured on the From Tailors With Love podcast, (Min #26 Bond arrives in the Bahamas)


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