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Whitehall Court No Time To Die
Bond Arrives in Whitehall

Address: 4 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EP

Set Up:

Bond arrives to Whitehall in No Time To Die and parks his V8 Aston Martin outside number 4 Whitehall Court. He then walks towards the Ministry of Defence that is doubling for the Mi6 Headquarters. An iconic photo of Daniel Craig on these street was taken by Nicola Dove and was later used as an advertisement for Omega watches.

Ministry of Defence in Whitehall
The MOD where Bond heads towards after parking up his Aston Martin V8

Whitehall Court

Generally I found Whitehall Court to be a very austere and drab looking place. The buildings and statues represent the stuffy part of the old guard that I suppose, is true Bond, true Fleming, but for is quite joyless.

I got the photos and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

That said

If you find yourself in this part of London you’ll be in the epicentre of Bond locations. The Old War Office, Malaysia House, The Hildebrand Safe House, Department of Net Zero & Climate Change etc. A lot of these places are inaccessible to the public however, which dulls the lustre of Whitehall Court considerably for me.

No Time To Die Whitehall Court
Bond arrives. Reporting for duty.

Wait it’s not finished!

Yes I know this article is thin, I’m currently posting photos only and addresses. Will add more info and recommendations over time. Thanks for your patience and bless your heart.

Closest Bond Location: Skyfall Underground Station at Charring Cross. (Need to book tours, check out article for links.

Closest Pint: (TBC) Any tips and hints recommended.

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