No Time To Die – Bond & M Debrief | Furnivall Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling Club family day out

Address: 19 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ

Set Up:

In No Time To Die, Bond and M head to Hammersmith for a debrief. Outside Furnivall Sculling Club, they settle their differences and discuss how they can prevent the further outbreak of the nanobot bioweapon Heracles.

Furnivall Sculling Club

As you can see this is one of my most frequented James Bond locations. Largely in part as it’s a mere 20 minute walk from my house in Chiswick. It’s also a beautiful stretch of river, eddied by gastro pubs and restaurants and a convivial atmosphere. Especially in the summer months where many groups gather and drink outside along the wall and small greens.

The spot itself is directly opposite the Furnivall Sculling Club which the production crew used as a HQ to set up the shot between Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes.

There are two green and yellow signs that bookend the private jetty for the rowers to embark and disembark. I’ve actually offered some monies for the signs but the club are a bit slow on the correspondence. Which is fine, it’s an unusual request.

I’ve also done a video for my YouTube on From Tailors With Love documenting the area. It also includes information on two other films that were shot close by. Bohemian Rhapsody and Sliding Doors.

You’ll also notice that the door to the Furnivall Sculling Club was used as a backdrop for the Leica No Time To Die magazine. I have that magazine and it’s a worthy little shot if you can do side by sides.

Elsewhere for fans of Bottom the TV series, the bench that Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson sat in for their title sequence is easily findable on the small intersection outside Hammersmith Station. There is a Rik Mayall memorial plaque on the bench itself. Although the scenery behind has changed considerably and the bench, (I’m told) is not the original.

Furnivall Sculling Club the scene from No Time To Die

If you walk a little further down the river and head west, you’ll come to Fuller’s Brewery. It’s well worth a visit even if you just fancy a pint, rather than the full tour.

For any Bond fans coming to London and fancy a meet up with me, I’m more than happy to jog down to this iconic location and have a beer. Just DM me on Instagram.

Closest Pint: The Rutland Arms, 15 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ

Closest Bond Location: Thunderball | Great West Road – Chiswick

outside Furnivall Sculling Club

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