Skyfall – Smithfield Market | New Digs

Smithfield Market

Address: 220 W Smithfield, EC1A 9LH

Set Up:

In Skyfall, the winding road that leads beneath Smithfield Market is the one that Bond and Tanner take to the ‘new digs’. Temporary operations for the Mi6 Headquarters.

Smithfield Market


I’ve written a longer post on this location listing things to do and local tours. I don’t want to repeat myself here so please check out that article here. I will look to return to this location and get some new information when I’m next in the area. In the meantime you can still watch a short 2 minute video I did of the location on YouTube below.

Interesting to note about Smithfield Market

That close to Smithfield Market is the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great. According to Gary Giblin’s book, James Bond’s London, it served as the venue for Ian Fleming’s memorial service in September 1964. He died the previous month in Canterbury and was buried at St James’s Church in Sevenhampton, Wiltshire.

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Yes I know this article is thin, I’m currently posting photos only and addresses. Will add more info and recommendations over time. Thanks for your patience and bless your heart.

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