Spectre – James Bond’s Flat in Notting Hill

James Bond's Flat in Notting Hill
James Bond’s flat exteriors

Address: Notting Hill, 1 Stanley Gardens W11 2ND

Set Up

When Bond asks Moneypenny to drop off some intel to his gaff in Spectre, we get a good look at James Bond’s flat for the first time since Live and Let Die. No longer at 30 Wellington Square as the literary Bond would suggest, but just off the main strip in Notting Hill.

I have written more about this flat on my other blog and hinted to how much it’s worth nowadays. The interiors were shot at Pinewood, but we have to assume some usage was allowed inside as we see Bond both in his shirt and trousers and later in his dressing gown in the window.

St Peters Church Notting Hill, Bond would have seen this as he stepped out his flat

Quiet Digging

When looking online to the amount of flats in the building, there seems to be 5 flats in the house although I believe the basement has been split into 2. Bond’s flat has a small balcony with some nice wrought iron railings. His flat is the only one on the street to have a bulbous turreted window which makes it easy to spot.

From further Googling, I’ve found a description online that will give you an indication on what it could look like inside, along with the history of Stanley Gardens itself. From this snippet it looks like Bond would also have had access to a communal garden at the back of the property. I wonder what he would have gotten up to there.

An imposing, highly modernised, townhouse set on a stunning Victorian terrace, surrounded by an abundance of large green spaces and benefiting from access to the communal garden at the back of the property.

The garden from Google Street View


To find a look at the property on Google street view you can see it here.

Courtesy of Bond Locations and several shots from Thunderballs, we know both Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris were on location and the exterior of the townhouse was filmed on December 15th 2014 in the evening.

Nearest Bond location: Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) (GoldenEye)

Nearest Pint: Franklins Wine 305 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2QA (Recommendations required).

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