On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – The College of Arms

College of Arms interior
Inside the College of Arms. The Graham Rye 007 Magazine inset shows how the interiors inspired the production design filmed at Pinewood.

Address: College of Arms, 130 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BT

Set Up

Blofeld has contacted the College to get his title as ‘Count de Bleauchamp’ established and Bond is switching place with a representative from the Heraldry, Sir Hilary Bray Baronet. James Bond decides to go to the College of Arms to learn all he can about heraldry in record time in order to reach Blofeld in Switzerland and do a number on him.

As Bond mentions to M, ‘[…] but sir, Blofeld is something of a must for me’.

The College of Arms was first mentioned in Ian Fleming’s 1963 novel, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and made its cinematic debut in its 1969 film adaption of the same name.

College of Arms courtyard
The College of Arms Courtyard that Bond strolled across in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond parks up in the courtyard and walks in. Inside the College of Arms they have Graham Rye’s 007 Magazine there with the features for OHMSS. It does seem nuts they shot the interiors at Pinewood when they modeled it so closely on the Earls Marshal’s Court, which is free for the public to view.

However, as Martijn Mulder from On the Tracks of 007 informed me,

The lighting is usually the issue. A set only has walls, which makes lighting it easier.

Although reading Bond on Location I’m led to believe they filmed the interiors at Pinewood because it was to be used for a foot chase. Bond kills a secretary secretly recording the conversation for Blofeld on the underground tracks. To cover the murder Mi6 stage an elaborate train crash which can be seen on the headline that another agent is reading waiting for Bond in the Swiss Alps.


Taken from James Bond on Location Volume 1

The lady I spoke to inside was very friendly and she said that Bond fans regularly visit this location. I recommend a visit to here to soak in the history and get a glimpse of the world Bond and Fleming were immersing themselves in. Also the family Motto: The World is Not Enough was born here.

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