Tomorrow Never Dies | Brent Cross Car Park

Address: Brent Cross Shopping Car Park, Prince Charles Dr, Brent Cross, NW4 3FP

Set Up

One of the biggest action set pieces from Tomorrow Never Dies was filmed at Brent Cross Shopping Centre multi-storey car park in North London, standing in for Hamburg.

According to 007 Magazine,

Second unit director Vic Armstrong used 17 silver BMW 750ILs during the sequence, which took three weeks to complete.

I have included some photos from a recent visit. According to Movie Locations,

The fire brigade was called out after the stunts produced a little more smoke than anticipated.

Brent Cross Car Park

Interesting fact about Brent Cross

Only the very last part of the chase sequence, when Bond drives onto the roof, was not Brent Cross, but the car park of the department store Horten at Steintorwell in Hamburg. The leap from the car park rood was done at Frogmore studios while the landing through the window of the Avis Rent-a-Car office was back at the Kaufhof store in Hamburg. Sourced: J P Sperati James Bond On Location

Worth the trip?

In my opinion, whilst this location was a massive centre piece for the film, it’s not really worth visiting if you only have limited time in London. It’s so far west and not easy to get to by public transport.

Brent Cross Car Park

Closest Bond location: SpectreJames Bond’s Flat in Notting Hill

Closest Pint: TBC.

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Yes I know this article is thin, I’m currently posting photos only and addresses. Will add more info and recommendations over time. Thanks for your patience and bless your heart.

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