Ian Fleming’s Home on Ebury St

Ian Fleming's home blue plaque

Address: 22 Ebury St, SW1W 8LW

Set Up:

According to John Pearson’s biography on Ian Fleming’s home at 22 Ebury Street had the flat number 22a;

It was a the perfect place for him and it immediately contributed to the legend he seemed to be building around himself. […] It must have been a lonely and oppressive house, and it was here that he entertained his women, his friends and the members of the Cercle.

Ian Fleming's home doorway

Ian Fleming’s home

These photos have been repurposed from my other blog that I published some years ago. You can find here along with more information. According to Artistic Licence Renewed, the most excellent blog by Thomas Cull, the flat number that Fleming resides at was Flat B at 22 Ebury Street.

According to this social post by Show Studios, they claim that Flat D was the residence of Ian Fleming which now used as their photography studio. I will welcome any clarity on this and update this article when I know more.

Ian Fleming's home ebury street exteriors

Other Bond Connections

As well as Ian Fleming’s home, Ebury Street also has another Bond connection albeit a bit tenuous. Or should I say Tennyson-uous. Alfred Tennyson lived at 109, and M quotes Tennyson in the film Skyfall in front of the panel.

The street has a fleeting mention in the book Moonraker;

‘An hour later passers-by saw a white Mercedes draw up outside a small house at the Buckingham Palace end of Ebury Street.’

Much to his mother’s bemusement, Fleming moved into this former strict Baptist chapel in late 1936 and enjoyed five years entertaining his women, his friends and the members of Le Cercle Gastronomique. Fleming was not living here at the time of writing Moonraker, but still his former home was scorched into his psyche enough to mention it.

Wait it’s not finished!

Yes I know this article is thin, I’m currently posting photos only and addresses. Will add more info and recommendations over time. Thanks for your patience and bless your heart.

Closest Bond Location: Q’s House from No Time To Die. 42 Roupell St, London SE1 8TB

Closest Pint: Untested but The Elephant and Castle Pub is one of the oldest and not too far.

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