The Iconic Lazenby Lamppost on the Thames

Lazenby Lamppost
The infamous Lazenby Lamppost opposite the Houses of Parliament (Photo taken Oct ’23)

Address: South of The Thames facing Big Ben (now called the Elizabeth Tower).

Set Up

George Lazenby was photographed next to this lamppost circa 1969 by Terry O’Neill to promote his casting as the new James Bond for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Restoration of the Lazenby Lamppost

This lamppost was recently repaired after a petition from Bond fans spearheaded by Ian Jacklin to Westminster council, for it’s restoration.

According to Lazenby’s manager Anders Frejdh in an article on From Sweden With Love, “[…]the photos were taken a few months before the film’s Royal premiere at ODEON Leicester Square in London on 19th December 1969.”

This conflicts with the notion that this photo was taken circa ’67/68 for the announcement of Lazenby’s casting. If you have any further information regarding this, I welcome all correspondence so I can update the article appropriately.

Nearest Pint: St Stephen’s Tavern Pub & Restaurant with craft ales, serving pints to politicians from the Houses of Parliament opposite.

Nearest Bond Location: (Die Another Day) The other side of the bridge, Abandoned Door for Abandoned Agents.

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