Die Another Day | Abandoned Door for Abandoned Agents 

Die Another Day abandoned door near Big ben
Abandoned Door for Abandoned Agents from Die Another Day (2002)

Location: Southside of Westminster Bridge (same side of the river as The London Eye and opposite side of the river to Big Ben).

You’re in good shape if you’ve made it to this location. This is the door that Bond enters for a secret underground rendezvous with M in Die Another Day. On the opposite side of the bridge you have Lazenby’s Lamp post, you have the Bridge itself which was used for Blofeld’s helicopter crash in Spectre, and then the entrance to Westminster tube where Bond resurfaces and gives chase to Silva in Skyfall.

You’ll recognise the stone artifice atop the bridge pier, that’s called the Coade Stone Lion. It’s a secret entrance apparently for the disused Vauxhall Cross Underground Tube (which has never existed). According to the book James Bond in London Volume 1, this door only leads to a broom cupboard where cleaning materials are kept.

On the same side of the bridge as Big Ben and St Stephen’s Tavern Pub & Restaurant you’ll see a little shed that offers City Sightseeing Tours. The prices of those are listed as the photo was taken in OCT 2023.

City Sightseeing Tours Prices

St Stephen’s Tavern Pub & Restaurant

Nearest Pint: St Stephen’s Tavern Pub & Restaurant with craft ales, serving pints to politicians from the Houses of Parliament opposite.

Nearest Bond Location: Lazenby’s Lamppost. Opposite side of the bridge.

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