Quantum Of Solace | The Water Gardens | Mitchell’s Flat on Edgware Road

The Water Gardens quantum of solace

Address: The Water Gardens, Hyde Park Estate, W2

Set Up:

After Bond dispenses with Mitchell, M’s Bodyguard turned traitor in Sienna, they head to Mitchell’s flat in an attempt to find some clues to the secret organisation that he worked for.

The Water Gardens is a gated residential complex with three gated and portered apartment blocks with entrance from around the corner off Edgware Road in London W2, completed in 1966. It would seem quite appropriate that someone on a secret service wage would live here, the average Secret Agent base salary at MI6 is £40K per year according to Glass Door.

The commute to the SIS Building in Vauxhall would not be too arduous, a 30 minute bus ride door to door on the 36.

The Water Gardens

Some of these photos are courtesy of Martijn Mulder from On the Tracks of 007. Other snaps I took myself. I asked Martijn if it was ok to share. He said yes but they were just photos sent to him. If you own these photos and have any extra intel then please get in touch with me on my Instagram. I’m still looking for the exact apartment and tower.

They all look very similar from behind.

The Water Gardens Quantum of solace

The photos below I took myself. (Feb 2024)

Nearest Pint: The Duke Of York ,45 Harrowby St, W1H 5HT (untested)

Nearest Bond Location: Madame Tussauds – Baker Street

The Water Gardens

Wait it’s not finished!

Yes I know this article is thin, I’m currently posting photos only and addresses. Will add more info and recommendations over time. Thanks for your patience and bless your heart.

The Water Gardens

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