Goldeneye – Brompton Cemetery – Natalya’s Rendezvous with Boris

Brompton Cemetery

Address: Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Rd, SW10 9UG

Set Up:

Natalya Simonova arrives here for her fateful rendezvous with Boris Grishenko. Only the exteriors were filmed here. It doubles for the Church of Our Lady of Smolensk St, St Petersburg Russia.

Brompton Cemetery

Whilst you’re at Brompton Cemetery

I was in this neck of the woods as it was just a stones throw from Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea Football ground.

According to the Royal Parks,

Amongst those laid to rest here are Emmeline Pankhurst, the courageous leader of the suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote.

Perhaps more notable for film fans is that Brian Glover is also buried at Brompton Cemetery. A fantastic British actor who many might know as Mr Rottweiler from the TV series Bottom. He also starred in Alien 3 as the Prison warden.













Brompton Cemetery screen matching Goldeneye
Brompton Cemetery (Inset screen matching Goldeneye)

Good to know

Opening hours are 7am to 5pm daily. You might also want to check if there are games being played at Chelsea football stadium when visiting. It can get a little crowded here when people exit the stadium.

In fact, in Eastern Promises one of the characters passes through the cemetery after watching a Chelsea game and comes to an unfortunate end.


The interiors were filmed at the Cathedral of Sophia. I’ve visited that church but not managed to get inside yet. Will update in due course.

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