Skyfall | Charing Cross Underground

Skyfall underground Charing Cross
He’s keen to get home. Skyfall underground filmed at Charing Cross

Address: Strand, WC2N 5HF

Set Up

Bond chases Silva through the London underground in Skyfall after he escapes from his confides in Mi6.

Hidden London offer tours of the Charing Cross underground which is where the majority of the chase scene between Bond and Silva was filmed. In the photo above you’ll notice the roof cladding has been removed due to water damage.

I have written about the tour previously on my other blog so don’t wish to duplicate the content here. The prices are around £45 a ticket and all the information can be found on their website.

It’s a recurring tour but looks like they will hit pause on DEC 17th. 2023.

In my opinion it’s well worth doing not only to see some of the Skyfall locations but to learn about the history of some of these disused railways.

Charring Cross Underground entrance
Entrance to Charing Cross Underground

Interesting snippet from Bond on Location:

“We then see Silva disappearing through a doorway situated close to Davenports Magic. As no advertising (except for product placement) is allowed in James Bond films all the shop fronts in the arcade were boarded across with panels. Each was imprinted with white tiles so that on screen it looks like one long corridor.”

Closest Bond Location: The National Gallery / Bond Meets Q in Skyfall.

Closest Pint: The Coal Hole 91-92 Strand. 5 minute walk.

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