Ian Fleming’s Place of Birth – 27 Green Street

Ian Fleming Birth place
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Ian Fleming’s Place of Birth – Address: Location: 27 Green Street, W1

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On May 28th 1908 Evelyn St Croix Rose and Valentine Fleming gave birth to their second child, Ian Lancaster Fleming at 27 Green Street. Named in memory of her (supposed) ancestor, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

Info credit: James Bond London, Gary Giblin

Green Street

Nearest Bond Location: Sotheby’s OctopussyAddress: 34-35 New Bond St, W1A 2AA. Although you are very close to Fleming’s other London residence, 5 Montagu Square. 

Nearest Pint: For decent places to drink and eat I would head to the Boxcar on Quebec street. Best burgers in all of London. Then there is a Zetter Townhouse that I used to go to all the time when I was seeing my partner in Montagu Square. 

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Update: April 2024

Whilst doing some research Ian Fleming’s Place of Birth, I stumbled upon a fantastic article from the Westminster Libraries. There are some amazing images of the locations that Fleming lived in and how they used to look. An example of Green Street is below. No copyright images infringement intended. 

Green Street Ian Fleming old postcard

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