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Les Ambassadeurs Casino plaque
The Les Ambassadeurs Casino plaque (photo taken October 2023)

Address: 5 Hamilton Pl, W1J 7ED

Set Up:

Sean Connery is introduced to the world as James Bond at the Chemin De Fer table in Dr No. (1962).

Les Ambassadeurs Casino – The interiors were filmed at Pinewood due to budget constraints, but the set was modeled on the casino in the club itself. I asked the doorman whilst taking the photo if they really filmed Dr No inside, and he replied ‘yes they filmed inside’.

This conflicts with every other version I’ve heard surrounding this location. I have emailed the club for more info although they haven’t responded.

Les Ambassadeurs Casino

Note on Les Ambassadeurs:

They have various photos of the film Dr. No peppered around the private members club. Alas when I was there for an event with Mason & Sons, I neglected to take any photos. I welcome any contributions to this post with either information or photos from inside to publish here. With many thanks.

Rose and Crown Pub
Rose and Crown Pub (Round the corner)

Nearest Pint: Rose and Crown Pub, 2 Old Park Ln,  W1K 1QN

Nearest Bond Location: EON headquarters. 138 Piccadilly, W1J 7NR. Also close by is The Dorchester, and in the other direction, The Ritz.

This article will be updated over time. (FEB ’24).

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