Die Another Day | Buckingham Palace – Introducing Gustav Graves

Buckingham Palace

Address: Buckingham Palace, SW1A 1AA

Buckingham Palace was the location where Bond watches on as Gustav Graves arrives to accept his investiture by parachute. I just love how Toby Stephens gives it full-on smugness in this scene.

To book tickets for a tour of the palace you best of visiting the Royal Collection Trust website. I’ve not done the tour myself so I’m afraid can’t offer any insight into how enjoyable it is. If you’d like to learn about the Changing of the Guard they have their own website of times and schedule. It’s not a daily event so best to check and plan your trip accordingly.

Back to Bond. If you’re literally just coming here to get a photo of the spot where Gustav Graves landed and then head back, it’s probably only worth doing if you’re a purist. It’s a ten minute walk from Pall Mall and ten minutes back and it’s just one long road.

You can get your photos and then double back, but I’d suggest booking a tour just to get the most out of the experience. As you head down from Pall Mall, the spot where Graves land is recognisable from the right hand side. (See picture above).

You’ll then see the gate where the paparazzi are waiting and Bond looks on as Graves is whisked away by his PA Amanda Frost. (See below)

Nearest Bond Location: Madeleine Swann’s place of workNo Time To Die.

Closest Pint: Dukes Hotel.

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