Hello welcome to London Bond Map

This is a page dedicated to all the lovely stuff that James Bond has gotten up to in the great city of London. Whether it’s buying an issue of Country Life magazine from the news kiosk outside Sotheby’s, or M running off without paying the bill in Rules Restaurant, this blog has got you covered.

Unlike Bond 26, it’s very much a work in progress and I’m hoping it will be of some use. There has been some excellent work done on the Bond locations in London by previous authors and content creators, and I’ll credit those where relevant.

Contributions and guest posts will be welcome but subject to review and will not include links to gambling, vaping, dating, crypto, firearms or alcohol.*

The Physical Map, neatly title London Bond Map, will soon be available and I will update this page accordingly when it does so. We are not intending to infringe on any intellectual property that will lead to any red letters in the mail. We’re not endorsed by any organisation or 3rd party, and if you take umbrage with any of the content here please email your local MP, morning radio DJ, or just tweet something angry to your 10 follower. Thanks.

Your man in the field,

P. Brooker. (Editor)

*Unless you’re a representative of beverage brands owned by George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Dan Ackroyd etc. Although Matthew McConaughey’s people need not apply as his Longbranch Bourbon is anything but Alright, Alright, Alright.